Pay as you go Printing


No capital outlay

Sometimes it is can be difficult to get access to credit and also you may wish to use your cash for other purposes.

NO more guesswork. Call 091 861600 or request a Quick quote and ask about how you can create all your marketing materials, bids, quotes, etc.. in-house and save euros.

A Pay as you go program combines hardware cost, service and maintenance cost, and consumables expenses in one flat monthly fee. This program shows you upfront what the total cost of printing will be each month.

What is Pay as you go Printing?

Pay as you go printing makes it easy to handle large print jobs in-house and save money.

It allows you to obtain the use of state of the art equipment without the need to purchase it and then arrange separate maintenance and supplies contracts. The plan is expressed as a cost per print which gives a clear Total Cost per print.

Select Printers fixed cost Pay for what you print-Plan helps you to:

  • Lower and control printing costs – one Cost Covers the Equipment, all Service, all Parts, Labour and all Toners
  • Have no costly repair bills
  • Save you money
  • Keep up to date with changing technology – flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your office printer at any stage
  • No Capital Outlay – Releases Capital for more productive uses
  • Guards against equipment depreciation because it’s an off balance sheet item.

How to Start a Pay for what you print programme.

The best place to start is with a complete and in depth audit of your current printing arrangements.
Our Select Printers team will first assess your current printing activities. They will apply “Office Printing – Best Practices” to your organisation to determine if your existing printing equipment is being deployed in an effective way and will then make recommendations for improving printing activities and lowering the cost of printing in your business.

What happens then?

We will then, where applicable give you a quotation to supply replacement equipment suitable for your needs as shown as a result of the audit.

What is included?

Pay for what you print gives a clear Cost of Ownership’ of equipment expressed as a price per print which includes the usage cost of equipment, preventative maintenance, service, toner, and technical support.

How long is the Plan?

We agree with you at the outset how long you need the equipment: Plans are usually 3, 6 or 9 months. We will evaluate your needs and where necessary upgrade your equipment or plan to suit your needs.

We will discuss with you your current printing volume so that we can find the plan that best suits your future needs. Once you have agreed the plan we will take care of everything else, from delivery, installation and training on the printer to sending out toners, consumables and on-site engineers.

What happens now?

Would you like to see just how much your organisation could benefit from a Pay for what you print plan?

Call one of our team 091 861600 or request a Quick Quote to see just how much your organisation will benefit from a PAY FOR WHAT YOU PRINT plan.